CarX Drift Racing 2: “Perfect Tuning And Suspension Guide”

Carx drift racing is a well-known game due to its immersive and exciting drifting journey for its players worldwide. It was released for Android and iOS devices in 2018. It got huge applause from fans and secured a 4.5 /5 rating for both the Play Store And App Store. This racing game offers diverse streets and tracks, extensive customization options, realistic physics, and a multiplayer mode that pumps excitement among players.

Spectacular Performances Of Carx Drift Racing 2

These experiences and spectacular performances stand out at Carx Drift Racing 2, among other racing games. If you are a newcomer to the racing world, don’t waste your time. Click on the download button to enjoy an amazing experience of racing and drifting. CarX drift Racing 2 mod app is also available to meet the unmatchable requirements of players in a single platform.

Carx drift racing game has a huge fan base on mobile. It has gained tremendous success and is now available for PC and console. To download this game for PC, Read this Guide and enjoy drifting on a bigger screen with larger visuals and a new experience.

Will Carx be available on next-generation?

Carx’s success and huge love from the fan base have made this game available on Xbox and Play Station 4 In 2019. News is circulating that this game will be available in the next generation.
This sequel will be available on any console. You can play Carx on any device, but you may have compatibility issues with PS5 as this game is for PS4, and it won’t work as smoothly as it does on PS4. You can expect this game in the next generation in the coming days, months, or years.

Carx Drift Racing 2: Drifting Simulation

Carx Drift Racing 2 is a drifting simulation game, while Dr Driving is a driving simulation game. Carx Technologies developed it, and it provides players with very powerful, high-performance cars that allow them to experience drifting and racing. Based upon the huge success of Carx drift racing, this sequel offers many improvements in graphics and user experience.

Realistic Drift Mechanism

Car X Drift Racing 2 has a real drifting mechanism, which gives the true art of drifting simulation and helps players master steering and countersteering control. It also helps to manage the slide control around the corners and edges. It has the true aspect of real-world drifting as it gives the most authentic experience through the weight transfer of the car and the strong grip of tyres on roads, streets, different tracks, and surfaces.

Stunning Graphics: Diverse Tracks And Environment

Carx Drift Racing 2 has gained strength on strength, and in this sequel, it has improved graphics with different tracks and environments. Players can explore streets, urban surroundings, and mountains and test their drifting skills at diverse tracks ranging from the tightest hairpin-like turns to long zig-zag roads and sweeping corners. These challenges always serve as an opportunity for the players to test their drifting skills.

Cars Customization 

You can customize your cars according to your needs and desires, as Carx Drift Racing 2 offers a wide range of customization options for players. These include visual modifications, such as paints, decals, kits, engine upgrades, and suspension adjustments.

Tunning And Suspension Guide

You can tune your car, but you need help finding a tuning setup that works best for you. Everyone has their preferences and driving skills. But as I have told you above, it may work best for you, along with these stunning suspension guidelines.   

tunning and suspension carx drift racing 2

Adjusting the spring size

It is a crucial factor in the tuning and suspension of cars. It determines the height of the car and where your car sits perfectly on roads. In the game, it means how spring size is going to meet your driving style on diverse tracks and roads. Higher spring size: if you set a large spring size, it will create a stiffer suspension, which is very good at high speed as it gives you stability and balance. Smaller spring size: if you set a smaller spring, it will be appropriate for drifting, but it will cause problems at high order to set the right spring size in the game, you can check and experiment with different sizes available and search for the right size that works best for your cars in terms of balance and faster lap times with huge success on tracks.

Anti-roll bar/sway bar Setting

This setting in the game allows you to set anti-roll bars for your vehicle. it is a very important setting in the suspension system of your vehicle as it will control body roll and balance and stabilize the car when It comes to the corners of the road or tight hairpin turns. A stiffer sway bar will decrease body roll and thus increase the balance of the car when it crosses the cornering. It plays a significant role in maintaining control of the car when you are at high speed, drifting, and making very sharp turns.

When driving on bumpy, uneven roads for longer periods, choose a softer sway bar. It will increase body roll, which will improve the tyres’ grip on the road surface and prevent crashes. 

In order to improve your car performance in Cars Drift Racing 2, you have to test with the sway bar settings and check the right settings that work best for you in terms of balance and stability. 

Wheel toe setting

Wheel toe setting plays an important role in vehicle suspension. It is actually an angle of the wheel that is adjusted inward with the car’s centerline. This setting affects how the car interacts with roads and steering inputs.

A high positive value for wheel toe setting means the wheels are inward to the car’s centerline. This creates a thinner toe angle and causes cars to drift in a closer trajectory, enabling them to make sharp and accurate turns.

Lower Negative: When we set a lower negative value for wheels, wheel angles turn outward from the car’s centerline. This results in a wider toe angle, which helps with stability and balance during longer drifts.  

Find the optimal wheel toe setting You should set a high positive value in front and a slightly lower negative value for the back wheels, as this will help create a perfect blend of balance and stability during drifting. However, you have to test different values to find the one that best suits your driving and drifting style. Players can set these values in the garage before the race starts.

Wheel Camber 

In Carx Drift Racing 2, gamers can set the wheel camber settings from the garage menu before starting the race to tailor their needs during drifting sessions. As you know, it plays a vital role in maintaining the car’s grip on the ground. Car stability, balance and responsiveness are detrimental factors for accurate drift. A positive camber value means the angle that shows that the wheels’ tops are tilted outward, whereas a negative value means they are tilted inward to the car’s centerline.

In Car x Drift, we can set wheel cambers and experiment with different values to check which suits our needs before starting our mission in the game. The best practice is to set a slightly negative value for the front wheels, and the rear wheels’ value is recommended to be positive. This setting will help with longer drifts, balance, and good grip at corners and sharp turns of streets.


The caster setting in CarX Drift Racing 2 adjusts your vehicle’s angles, which significantly impacts the steering of the car. Adjusting caster angles helps tune cars, which results in stability and balance during missions. A positive caster angle means the steering axis is tilted backwards, whereas a negative angle means it is tilted forward. You have to experiment with these suspension settings and find the one that suits your needs in the game.

Slow Bump

As the name indicates, is the tunning and suspension setting, which refers to how your car responds to any bumps on the surface, preferably at a lower speed. Slow bump settings(Low-speed Compression damping) control how rapidly car suspension absorbs the effects of bumping, uneven roads, obstacles and ditches on the road.

Setting a high value for slow bumps means raising the damping force at low speed, thus increasing balance and stability when navigating tight corners and sharp turns on uneven surfaces and trenches. On the other hand, setting a lower value means reducing the damping force at low speed, which will give you an easy ride on bumpy and uneven muddy roads. Now, it is up to you to set this value, tailoring it to your needs in the game.

Fast Bumps

As the name indicates, is your car’s reaction towards bigger bumpy roads and terrains when you are specifically at high speed and driving fast. In Carx DRIFT racing 2, if you set this value high, it means you have good control on bumps at fast speed .conversely reducing this setting means you have a good, smooth drive, but it is very difficult to control the car when you are driving at a fairly high speed. Adjust this value carefully, as it will help you drift on different tracks. 

Ackerman Angle

It refers to how the front wheels of cars respond to cornering, and it can be adjusted from the steering geometry setting. It is very important to set this angle rightly, as it plays a significant role in drifting. This angle determines how the front wheel will respond during drifting when steering input is given. You can fine-tune this angle to optimize your performance in the game.

As I said before, you have to check and experiment with the settings in ” tuning and suspension” and opt for settings that are tailored to your needs in the game. There are no specific guidelines on setting values so you can drive like a pro. After reading this article, you have a good knowledge of the game, and now you can adjust the settings on your own. Take a speedy glance at ” Car Driving Games” and set your tuning and suspension settings.