Dr Driving 2: The Ultimate Walkthrough on the second version of Dr Driving sequel

Yes, that’s right! The developer of the famous Dr Driving sequel, SUD INC., has a second version for Dr Driving fans to try out, which is Dr Driving 2 as the first version was already liked by racing and driving enthusiasts from all over the world. It is a mobile driving simulator application similar to its preceding version, Dr. Driving, and it provides many more different modes and challenges for players to try, while including an option to play with other players or friends, known as multiplayer.

Here, you will get an easy boost on how to navigate hassle-free through the game without being confused by all the new features and interface and will give you an idea of mastering the game your own way. Feel free to download it now.

Getting started with modes of Dr Driving 2

As talked about earlier, Dr Driving 2 has 6 different modes for you to try out, each unlocking at separate but consecutive levels advanced by a player while gaming. Below is a brief description of each mode so that it becomes easier to understand before diving deeper into the gameplay of each section or mode.

dr driving 2 mode career

Career There are numerous chapters in this mode, where each chapter begins at a new level, for example, chapter 1 corresponds to level 1 and so on. It doesn’t finish here, as each chapter brings tasks or challenges to be completed by the gamer before they can complete the chapter earn a level and reach the last chapter. By completing the task you can unlock all levels The first is a driving test while the following are real-life situations as illustrated in the picture.

Car laboratory: This section specifically entertains the main point of Dr Driving 2, customization and choosing of cars for your career advancement and simulation. Gamers can put their knowledge to the test by configuring different settings for the car they chose by improving or adding car parts, and finding a perfect set-up as well for you to set a racing style throughout your career.

car laboratory dr driving 2
top racer dr driving 2

Top Racer: In Dr Driving 2, the top racer is where you compete with worldwide racers to see which of you emerge victorious in the race. There are real-world-style circuits for you to drive and race your car through while going along head-to-head with others trying to pass the finish line first. This mode allows you to evaluate your chosen car and its customizations obtained through the car laboratory, which in turn helps to better equip your car or choose a better car for future races as you advance levels and race with professional-level gamers in a thrilling experience. It also builds a sense of competition in you to keep returning to the game even better than before

Tournament: This mode can also be called multiplayer but its gameplay is rather more interesting as you can play it online. As I talked about levels previously, here you are matched with a player of different sub-levels. You can be a beginner to a legend in Dr Driving 2, and therefore in a tournament two legends or two beginners matched together of different levels to see who performs better and completes a certain task, including rush hour drift and misaligned wheels etc. it’s a thrilling section of the game as two players are put the test showcasing their skills and gameplay level while showing off their unlocked cars simultaneously

dr driving 2 play online match
taxi dr driving 2

Taxi: A rather unique feature of Dr driving 2 is that it hosts a taxi mode as well in which you pick up passengers and drop them off on their destined route, not seen in the past Dr Driving version. In this mode, your car is changed to a taxi, and passengers are assigned to you to be dropped off at their required locations. After the journey, you receive a taxi fare in coins which in turn is used to upgrade or unlock your collection of cars.

Championship: This is the sixth and final mode played by enthusiasts of Dr Driving 2. It’s similar to the top racer mode but instead, you are to race with 20 players! Each perfect turn or drift high and various other mini-car stunts earn you coins, an important part of the game. Passing each player means that their position is now yours, and whatever the highest position you could reach in all your championship matches is recorded so that you could try breaking your own record.

drdriving2 championship

Dr Driving 2 currencies

Now that the modes and gameplay of Dr Driving 2 have been explained in detail, I would also like to add details related to the different in-game currencies Dr Driving 2 provides and what can be purchased using those currencies. This is an important section as well due to the need of maintenance and upgrading of your car collection, and recycling parts.

in game currencies of drdriving 2 (1)

As seen in the picture above, you can earn unlimited gold coins, unlimited rubies and packages in Dr Driving 2, some of them familiar from the previous version of this game. As the modes were explained above is the way similarly these currencies will be discussed here onwards.

Unlimited Gold Coins

Gold is a very common currency and can be easily obtained through various tasks. I wrote about gold in the previous lines as well but now it will be clear to you. Gold is distributed throughout the game, where if you play the introduction going on until unlocking all the modes of Dr Driving 2, you will more commonly earn gold. This is because doing various mini stunts like drifting, perfect turns or doing tasks like taxi service for passengers all earn you gold coins. Gold is important as it is used for equipping car parts and assembling all of them to obtain a fully operational car or vehicle, as well as buying gift boxes or vehicle coupons for parts assembling and manufacturing. It’s also known to obtain gold after completing daily assignments as shown below.

unlimited gold coins dr driving 2 (1)

Unlimited Rubies

Rubies currency is really important, as it can be used to obtain a premium gift box, refuelling tank and vehicle parts as well such as a HYUK suspension. Its importance can be figured by the fact that only after completing 10 daily assignments do you get 10 rubies. Rubies are also used in purchasing packages for different vehicle models in order to manufacture parts and assemble them.

unlimited rubbies dr driving2

In conclusion, Dr Driving is a better more adventurous image than its predecessor, offering a compelling blend of real-life experience and entertainment. The improved graphics, realistic road physics, and unique challenges provide a rewarding learning experience for competitive gamers and players. The real-time multiplayer modes add to the gameplay spirit, while the free-to-play model ensures accessibility. While it may look like micro-transactions are an important necessity, Dr Driving 2 remains a worthwhile choice for mobile racing enthusiasts seeking a free and engaging driving simulator.