Dr. Driving Game for IOS: An easy guide on “How to play on IOS”

You can not play Dr. Driving mod APK on IOS, As APK files are for Android devices. Apple has strict policies that don’t allow users to download from any source other than the Apple App Store. if you are still interested and want to play, then search for Apple versions. Sometimes, the Developer has launched Apple versions of applications.

🕹️Dr Driving IOS Game’s Insight

Publisher SUDINC
Size23.8 MB
Compatibility iPhoneIOS 12.0 or later
iPadiPad OS 12.0 later
iPod touchIOS 12.0 or later
Apple visionVision OS 1.0 or later
price of gamefree
In App PurchaseIn-App Purchase
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🎥Download Dr Driving Latest Verison 1.70 on iOS (Video Tutorial)

📲Steps to Download Dr.Driving On iOS

The Dr. Driving game is available on both Apple and iOS. To download the iOS version, follow the steps below.

  • Go to the App Store on your Apple device.
  • After opening the store the next step is to search for the “Dr. Driving” game in the search bar of the App Store.
  • The search results will show you the “Dr. Driving” game, with the cloud symbol button to download it.
  • Click on the button and wait until the installation is completed. The installation speed varies and depends on the internet quality you are using.
  • You are done. Just see the icon of Dr. Driving and start playing. Dive into the world of “driving simulation.”

📜A Closer Look into Dr.Driving Features and Specs.

Dr. Driving is not like other normal racing games, it has gained a lot of popularity and stands out among other racing games just because of the driving simulation it provides to its players. This unique feature in today’s modern world makes it a famous driving pocket game, easily available to everyone either Android gamers or iPhone/iPad owners.

Personalized preference for vehicles

Unlike other games, you can customize the vehicles of your choice. You can upgrade it according to your needs or mission. To upgrade your car, you have to hit the car icon, then you will see the option to modify

  • Engine
  • Brake
  • Tire
  • Fuel
  • Comfort
  • Durability

These are features mentioned in the game that you can set according to your personalized preference but you have to spend your rewards and coins

Personlize Your Cars


While playing the game you have to follow the tarffics rules ,if you fail to follow them you may encnounter tarffic police charging you fine with deduction in rewards.

some of the rules are

  • follow your lane
  • Observer tarffic signs
  • Avoid colliosn with other cars
  • Donot Over speed
follow the rules dr driving for ios


Dr. Driving offers multiple missions and challenges for gamers, so they don’t feel like they are driving without aim or goals.

You are provided with rewards(Gold Coins) upon successfully finishing the challenges. Missions it has

  • VIP Escort You have to drive normally, following your lane and driving carefully around the corners.
  • Speed parking is another mission in which you have to reach a parking spot and park your car at a speed.)
  • Speed Mission Complete the mission in speed, managing turns, and rules.
  • Highway Speed Mode In this mission we keep going on a straight road with no turns, but we have to avoid collisions with other cars.
  • Drift Mission In this mission, you have to drive your car sideway, it will fill your drift meter and show you are a good driver.
  • Fuel Mission This mission requires you to finish your challenges within a given fuel capacity.
missions of dr driving ios (2)

Multiplayer Mode

Multiplayer mode allows you to play with your friends online. There are two modes

Online mode

In this mode, your game is set randomly with any player in-game.

Friends mode

In this mode, your game is with the person you know like your friends.

dr driving ios multiplayer mode

Check This Out 👀

  • Dr driving V.170 has stability improvement in iOS /iPAD.
  • It is very small in size and doesnot hold much storage space.
  • Update this game from app store ,to enjoy exciting features.
  • download it easily from downlaod link


Dr. Driving’s spectacular performance and the high applause of fans have made this game available on all platforms, such as the app store. It is a mobile game but it successfully turns your gadgets into driving simulations .if you want to know more about the driving game and its features feel free to go to our tips and tricks section, here you will learn about many tips such as

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