Dr.Driving: Jeep Parking Mania

Dr.Driving is a driving simulation game, that tests your driving skills on roads, but here comes an exceptional off-road challenge. Dr.Driving Jeep Parking Mania will check your parking skills in the tricky, twisted slots which is the most challenging spot. This parking slot can be a very tight corner at an unimaginable awkward angle.

In Dr. Driving Jeep Mania, you can control your Jeep with the arrow keys provided in the game With these arrow keys, you can move forward and backward. You can also accelerate and steer by using these controls. Whereas in Dr.Driving car’s console has steering control and gear for parking your car for more details about dr. driving you can go here.

Dr.Driving Jeep Parking loading Scenes

Dr.Driving Jeep Parking Mania differs from Dr. Driving and Dr. Parking 4. This game starts with a beautiful view of a helicopter airlifting a red Jeep and it lands on a wooden bridge over the sea in a tropical area. At a difficult angle, there is a parking slot where you have to park your jeep safely and move to the next level. You can play this game online on gaming platforms

jeep parking drdriving

Jeep Landed on Dock

dr driving jeep parking loading scenes

When the game is loaded, you will see an exciting and pleasing view, of your jeep landing on the dock with four yellow poles, when it is landed, you have to drive on it and check where is your parking spot, with a simple arrow signs control you will be driving and parking your jeep,I am sure you will love this game because of its view and easy gameplay


In this game, there are 35 levels, each level is locked. When you have parked rightly in the designated spot and angle you are automatically moved to the next level. Keep in mind, that levels become difficult and it makes you pro in the parking. But there is no option for changing cars as we have in dr. driving vehicle list.

drdriving jeep mania levels

Level Fails

level fails

As, I have told you before parking becomes harder with each passing level and you may encounter accidents, such as falling off the dock, the same happened to me so I suggest you drive carefully and patiently.

Overall Dr.Driving Jeep Mania is a different and challenging game for you . It will test your skills in a new way which is different from Dr. Parking 4 .it has simple cool graphics and easy controls with many levels which will keep you busy in a fun way. you have to be careful while parking, so you don’t fall off the dock, try this game, and improve your driving skills.