Unlock All Cars in Dr Driving mod APK V.170

Dr Driving Mod APK gives us many premium features that are impossible to attain from the original game, which we download from the Play Store, such as unlocking all cars in Dr. Driving.

Now, we will discuss how to drive all classes of cars in the game. In the original version, we had to cover levels and show some patience until we could get many coins and gold to unlock premium cars, but in this moded version, you will not face such problems.

How to Unlock All Cars in Dr Driving mod APK V.170

To unlock all cars, you have to search on Google Dr. Driving APK. After that, you have to open the given link and download the latest file of Dr. Driving mod APK V 1.70. Don’t worry it’s virus-free, and it is in your download folder, before installing the APK file you have to delete the original game from your Android phone, and when the file is downloaded you can see a game icon on the app’s side. Move it to the home screen and drive like a pro.

cars in dr driving

How to Unlock All Cars in Dr Driving mod APK V.170


In the game, at the starting level, we are provided with a Sedan, which is easy to control with an easy-to-drive console and free of cost. This is a ubiquitous car that we can see in real life on the roads. It has four doors and is very easy and comfortable. It also has a trunk at the back to carry loads of passengers.

Mini Cooper

Mini Cooper is also one of the collections in this game; it is locked at the start, and with Dr. Driving mod app, you can unlock the car. It is also easy to handle due to its small, compact size and convenience in navigating various missions. But can be obtained after completing a certain level, but in the moded game, you can get it with coins and virtual currency. Mini copper is developed by BMW, and in this doctor driving game, we can enjoy riding in such a compact design and luxury car.

How to Unlock All Cars in Dr Driving mod APK V.170
Benz SLS

Benz SLS

Benz SLS This car has very high speed and performance. It can be unlocked by completing various in-game missions and challenges or stored currency and coins, but here, you can get it by switching to the moded version. Mercedes Benz SLS is a luxury car with a sporty look. It has gull-wing doors that give it a classy look. It has a potent engine, which makes its performance the best. This game allows you to enjoy driving in such classy cars that we ever dream of for free.

Nissan Skyline

Nissan Skyline Is a sporty, modern, sleek-looking car, like in the real world. This car has some different ideal characteristics and features that distinguish it from other cars and can be obtained by the methods mentioned above. This Japanese car of Prince Motor Company is famous for its racing speed and good performance on roads and tracks.it is famous in games because of its high speed and easy navigation and control

How to Unlock All Cars in Dr Driving mod APK V.170

Dodge Challenger

The Dodge Challenger is a classic and the most powerful muscle car Dodge introduced. It is famous for its potent V6 and V8 engines and some modern car technology, such as a bigger screen that comes with roadside assistance and an auto rear-view mirror. This is also a luxury and premium car, and in this game, we can enjoy free rides on it.

These are some of the collections of cars in dr. Driving game which you can unlock by downloading an APK file on your mobile, and you will get all resources unlocked .hurray